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Cell Consciousness Study with Prokaryotic Cell Metabolism Rate Measurement in Response to Acoustical Vibration

Poh Foong Lee, Sharannaya A. P. N. Karthiyeyan, Kok Suen Cheng, William M. W. Cheung, Bryan Kok


Can a single cell response to auditory stimuli and contribute to the cell decision? Here, we aimed to investigate the response of prokaryotic cell to single tone frequency and Pali chant in a time series. Cell metabolism rate was measured to determine the response of the cells after sound treatment. Two groups of specimens in which one batch was fresh for each sound treatment time, whereas another group was a continuous batch of specimens in which the sound treatment was performed to the same cells for the whole series of time duration. We found that the continuous batch specimen responded significantly to Pali chant through the increased in metabolism rate (10 min to 30 min) which indicates the potential of studying cell cognition and memory with prokaryotic cell as a model to gain behavioral information without stereotype feedback. The outcome from this investigation suggests that the unicellular cell consciousness might potentially be used for preliminary study of signaling pathway in consciousness and cognition before study with multi-cell organisms.

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ISSN: 2153-8212