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Unconsciousness, Subconsciousness & the Creation of Consciousness

Michael Prost


One of the most intriguing questions of mankind, if not the most intriguing one, is the question how consciousness arises. Answering this question requires examining the differences between unconsciousness, subconsciousness and consciousness. Especially important is the fact that there are multiple subconscious processes simultaneously, but only one conscious process. Conscious processes can become subconscious, and subconscious processes can become conscious. We show that the switchboard between consciousness and subconsciousness and so to speak the creator of consciousness is the subthalamic nucleus. And we propose a method by which the subthalamic nucleus might control consciousness, namely by monitoring the adrenaline levels of conscious and subconscious processes All principles regarding the creation of consciousness also apply to animals with a brain. We also show how the unique features of human consciousness - language and thinking - are realized neurally and how they are integrated into consciousness and subconsciousness.

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ISSN: 2153-8212