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A Hundred Years of Archetypes: When You Face Reality, You Know “Nothing” Part II

Iona Miller


Jung's first mention of the term archetype was in the 1919 text Instinct and the Unconscious. We've had nearly a hundred years of archetypes, as such. However, ancient cultures, such as the Gnostics knew them under other names, such as the Archons. And we have our own modern concepts, frames, and terminology for nature's dynamics. We don't need to parrot Jung, or congratulate ourselves for climbing over the fence of his theories. When we face naked reality, we know “Nothing.” We need to extend these notions in a way that is relevant to our current experience, nomenclature, and ethos. Perhaps, with the right terms we can begin asking the right questions that open the way for a thriving humanity.

Part II of this article addresses the topics of Mind Control Countermeasures; Psychodynamics of the Unconscious; Engagement; Memes & Genes; Archetypes & Holograms; Essence of Reality; Trance Lucence; Cognitive Dissonance; Conforti; Naked Awareness; Mass-free Luminosity; Luminous Being; Twinkles; Wisdom Light; Light My Fire; Research Directions; Conclusions.

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ISSN: 2153-8212