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Does an Ionic or Biophoton Plasma Transduce Neural Activity into Subjective Conscious Awareness?

Barry R. Komisaruk, Hiba Rahman


The relation between action potentials and conscious awareness presents a conceptual difficulty: When, during the generation and transmission of action potentials, does a neuron generate its “bit” of awareness? We postulate that the movement of charged ions through the neuronal membrane generates not only action potentials and thereby an “ephaptic” ionic flux represented by the EEG, but also a biophoton plasma (Larmor radiation) as an analog representation that “simplifies” the “digital” action potentials. What is the observer of this activity? We conjecture that light-sensitive chromophores in the multiple associative neuronal systems, including premotor, respond to the biophoton radiation, and thus, “observe”, each other reciprocally and thereby jointly generate conscious awareness. Where do we experience conscious awareness? We cannot account for it by our known 4-D universe, because it is not height, width, depth or time, nor any combination of these. Consequently, we conjecture that conscious awareness resides in a different dimension, one in which we are embedded.

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ISSN: 2153-8212