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'Complex Möbius Field: The Web of Consciousness' Revisited

Bidyut K. Sarkar


Complex Möbius Field (CMF) is topologically homologous to fermionic field. They are hybrid functions: polar continuous and equatorial discrete. This creates polar additive space and equatorial multiplicative association spaces, motor and sensory. Null valued ‘0-∞ Conjugate’ is the core of CMF. As all the operations in motor wing are absolute, equatorial discreteness of motor multiplicative space is equivalent with polar continuity. Hence both polar axis and motor wing represent absolute Elementary Dimensionality (ED). On the other hand, finite and discrete functioning of the sensory wing represent finite FD (Fractal Dimensionality). Motor multiplicative space may apparently behave discretely only in the perspective of finite FD. So active multiplication is the main input in FD and passive addition is the main outcome in ED. Structural FD is valid only when it is supported by structureless and formless ED at the fulcrum.

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ISSN: 2153-8212