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Anatomical Correlates of the Main Levels of Consciousness

Tina Lindhard


Consciousness has scientists baffled, and the search to understand it has been described as the Holy Grail of science. However, the hypothesis that different levels of Consciousness, which can be encountered through phenomenological introspection, might be correlated with different layers of our anatomical development, which unfolds in gradational degrees, offers a new way of looking at our body, our mind, our nature, and Consciousness. Here Pure Consciousness is considered a non-physical intelligence that gives rise to life, expresses itself through all forms, prompts our anatomical development, and in humans, manifests itself through a by-product called ‘mind’ comprising of several levels. As we are part of this intelligence, we can explore the deeper levels of our consciousness using the cursor of our mind. The search for the deeper Self is consistent with the phenomenological perspective used by somatic heart-based meditation methods, as opposed to the modern Western phenomenological standpoint, which is the study of ‘phenomena’. As our body unfolds in gradational degrees linked to layers, we suggest there might be a relationship between these layers and the levels of consciousness we can encounter in our search to know our deeper Self. These different aspects are addressed in this paper.

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ISSN: 2153-8212