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A Model for Human, Artificial & Collective Consciousness (Part II)

Andy E. Williams


Borrowing the functional modeling approach common in systems and software engineering, an implementable model of the functions of human consciousness proposed to have the capacity for general problem solving ability transferable to any domain, or true self-aware intelligence, is presented. Being a functional model that is independent of implementation, this model is proposed to also be applicable to artificial consciousness, and to platforms that organize individuals into what is defined here as a first order collective consciousness, or at higher orders into what is defined here as Nth order collective consciousness.

Part II of this two-part article includes: The Hierarchy of Functional Units; Detail of the Functional Units; The Hierarchy of Life Processes; Functional Models of Basic Life Processes and Other Processes; The Other Senses of the Body Functional System; Evolutionary Justification for the Model; The Implications of Global Dynamical Stability in Well-Being; The Relationship Between Internal State and the Perceptual Fields; Existence as a Non-Deterministic Path Through Internal State Space, the Perceptual Fields, and External State Space; Nth Order Consciousness; Building the Library of Reasoning Processes into True Intelligence; Areas of Incompleteness; Conclusion; & References.

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ISSN: 2153-8212