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Advances in Integrative Health

Pradeep B. Deshpande


A yogic six sigma perspective on integrative health is presented. This perspective identifies vibrational characteristics (photonic energy) as the fundamental attribute of health and wellness. Disturbances in our vibrational characteristics are suggested to be root causes of illnesses. Recent scientific progress makes it possible to measure our photonic energy giving a feedback signal for improvement. Meditation is proposed as a means to restoring photonic energy levels toward normalcy. The opportunity for integrative health is to use yogic practices to restore our photonic energy levels toward normalcy for better health and wellness in conjunction with standard medical care. Scientific yoga is “Science of Internal Excellence” [1a]. Because the outcome of the yogic process is now measurable in real-time, progress toward normalcy can be audited. Minimum variance is a theoretical standard, meaning that better performance beyond minimum variance is not possible. The wherewithal of how to achieve minimum variance in external activities is “Science of External Excellence” [1b]. Six sigma, a topnotch quality initiative, is appropriate for the pursuit of minimum variance in all repetitive processes and transactions including hospitals and patient related services. Interestingly, the two components of excellence are interlinked. In the absence of an adequate level of internal excellence, the best of the external excellence initiatives, including six sigma, do not, and cannot, deliver satisfactory performance [2]. Raise internal excellence and the performance will zoom. The linkage of external excellence to internal excellence is an additional impetus for introducing both components of excellence in medical curricula. The paper concludes with a proposal on a new four-credit course to teach medical students the science and practices of external and internal excellence.

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