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A Feminine Vision for the World: Consciousness, & a New Outrageous Ontology

Lorna Green


I am proposing that consciousness, and not matter, or matter/energy, is the true basis of the Universe. It is here from the very Beginning, everything has it, and all of the true causalities, the explanatory principles are in it; they belong to consciousness, and not matter.  What then is matter?  All matter is an expression of consciousness, even the least little bit of matter contains consciousness, and is in fact, an expression of consciousness.  All energy contains consciousness, that idea alone will change our world forever. 

And so, I go on to spell it out what it really means for our understanding of reality, under four great aspects of the real:  The Universe, and with it a rewrite of modern science; the Earth and femininity, a continuum of many forms of consciousness of which our own is one; Ourselves, seen through the lens of reincarnation; and then Spirit, and who what and where Spirit is. 

And I begin with the Earth.

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ISSN: 2153-8212