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Death, Consciousness and the Quantum Paradigm

Ronald P. Glasberg


I have in this discussion tried to normalize the idea of an after-life (with its apparently quantized planes of consciousness) by placing it in a theoretical framework informed by the hiatic behavior of the quantum paradigm.  I have also tried to de-weird the paradigm by placing it in the somewhat more accessible framework of world-creative consciousness, a common example of which is the phenomenon of dreaming up a complete and all-encompassing world.  To put it another way, the external world behaves the way it does because it appears to be infused with an internal or consciousness-like aspect, which behaves as it does because it is composed of a hierarchy of levels or planes.  One of these levels is the physical plane, wherein the quantum foundations of reality were discovered.  Moreover, the hostility of physicists to the idea of a non-physical plane associated with an after-life or mind somehow independent of matter makes sense in the theoretical framework I am attempting to put forward.

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