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A Compliment and a Supplement to Nixon

Maurice McCarthy


To apprehend the mythic origins we have to try to sink into what it feels like to be such a consciousness. Of course it is impossible, in one sense, as we always keep our present rationality with us. Yet the method remains correct. You cannot remain aloof from the subjective and know what it is. We take our rationality into the mythic mind for dreams should be judged by waking consciousness and not by another dream. What Nixon has opened out for me at this moment remains to great for me too comprehend and comment further. Doubtless there will be many corrections and enhancements but everything turns upon grasping the principle of original self-creation, self-organisation, self-sustainment, self-unfolding or self-enclosure and it is to the grasping of this autopoesy that I would like to add a few words.

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