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An Exploration of the Process of Becoming an 'I' & the Quantum World of Realities (Part II)

Rajesh S. Dagli


In this series of articles, the author analyses epistemological and ontological developments of a human being, in particular, development of an ‘I’ within each of us. It is postulated that each overall 'I' is an energy exchange reservoir, that is constantly interacting with infinite variety of other environmental fields, and thus itself undergoing continuous metamorphosis, exhibiting no defining characteristics for either its brain or body that are unchanged even for an instant. Thus, each 'I', is not a product, nor an entity that we all believe as remaining unchanged within each of us all through the life. Rather, it is a process - a long process running all through the life - connecting infinite states of an emerging overall 'I' from instant to instant, exhibiting innumerable avatars of 'duality' between the two extremes of a wave and a particle. Each said avatar comes into being only at the instant of an actualization interaction with an environment, which otherwise remains non-existent. The study concludes, perplexingly and painfully, that each 'I' is as much a quantum-like process as that of an atomic particle.

Part II of the four-part series of articles includes: 4. Relativity of Realities; 5. Connecting Mind & Matter; & 6. Becoming of an “I”.

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ISSN: 2153-8212