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A Brief Introduction to the Brain and Paradigm of Melchizedek

Grant Gillett, Jeffery J. Davis


How can a new paradigm, the Paradigm of Melchizedek, shape scientific research in a completely new direction, in a way that is based on Values rather than unhealthy scepticism? A distorted kind of scepticism about anything beyond the bare facts as described by a limited scientific paradigm is widespread in the academic world and has shaped the brain structure of many scientists to favour a perception of reality strongly biased towards promissory materialism. This paradigm comes as an antidote to that tendency and is geared towards a greater synthesis between ancient and modern spiritual wisdom and scientific truth, in order to advance a cognitive science that allows an inclusive study of the neurobiology of values like Truth, Love and Unity and propel human consciousness towards the manifestation of a peaceful social environment.

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ISSN: 2153-8212