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Dialogue on Alternating Consciousness: From Perception to Infinities and Back to Free Will (Part II)

Claus Janew


Can we lead back consciousness, reality, awareness, and free will on a single basic structure without giving up any of them? Can the universe exist in both real and individual ways without being composed of both? This metaphysical dialogue founds consciousness and freedom of choice on the basis of a new reality concept that also includes the infinite as far as we understand it. Just the simplest distinction contains consciousness. It is not static, but a constant alternation of perspectives. From its entirety and movement, however, there arises a freedom of choice being more than reinterpreted necessity and unpredictability. Although decisions ultimately involve the whole universe, they are free in varying degrees also here and now. The unity and openness of the infinite enables the individual a creativity that directly and indirectly enters into all other individuals without impeding them. A contrary impression originates only in a narrowed awareness. But even the most conscious and free awareness can neither anticipate all decisions nor extinguish individuality. Their creativity is secured.

Part II of this two-part metaphysical dialogue contains: Day 5: Indestructible; Day 6: All-Encompassing Creativity; and Day 7: Free Will.

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ISSN: 2153-8212