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A General Model for Metabolism

Matti Pitkanen


The general strategy in attempts to understand metabolism is based on the assumption that a very large class of anomalous phenomena rely on same basic mechanism. This includes life as a phenomenon,  water memory and homeopathy, free energy phenomena involving over-unity phenomena related to the dissociation of water, lightning and ball lightning, anomalous effects associated with rotating magnetic systems,  phenomena related to light balls, even remote mental interactions.  One must have a unified explanation for all these phenomena based on a real theory. Plasmoids are TGD inspired proposal for prebiotic lifeforms and the input from anomalies related to electrolysis of water together with TGD based proposal that sequences of dark protons define dark nuclei realizing vertebrate genetic code leads to the vision that the biochemical metabolic machinery including photosynthesis has a simple analog realized in terms of "polymers" of water molecules with one dark proton with protons bound to sequence by color bonds.

The old view about the metabolic energy quanta as energies liberated as particle "drops" to a larger space-time sheet is modified.  Metabolic energy quanta are liberated when the space-time sheet at which the particles reside expands in a phase transition increasing its p-adic prime and reducing the value of Planck constant correspondingly so that the net result is that the size of the space-time sheet remains the same. This condition implies a close relationship between p-adic and dark matter hierarchies.  This process is automatically coherent since all particles suffer the change simultaneously.  It applies also to a situation in which particles are in magnetic field: in this case the scale of cyclotron energies changes since the strength of the magnetic field is scaled down to guarantee the conservation of magnetic flux. This transition is not cyclotron transition but liberates essentially the same energy as coherent cyclotron transition so that magnetic fields (their "motor actions") become essential players also in metabolic activities.

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