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Does Particle-Wave Duality within Brain Space Originate from a Recondite Equivalence between Gravitational & Electron Orbit Energy?

Jean-Francois Dionne, Linda S. St-Pierre, Michael A. Persinger


The energy within the earth's mass can be calculated to be 10-18 J/proton with a quantum equivalence resulting in a frequency of about 1.1·1015 Hz. The comparative frequency for the ground state of the Bohr magneton (atom) is 7.18·1015 Hz. This difference is within the measurement error of 2π. We offer quantitative solutions to suggest manifestations of gravitational and electromagnetic (wave) energies could alternate with each electron orbit (in the order of 10-16 s, the time required for a photon to traverse a neuronal cell membrane) resulting in both particle and wave properties. Because the increments of time by which phenomena are measured are much longer, wave-particle "duality" results from the superimposition of characteristics. There are theoretical ramifications, directly relevant to consciousness, for quantitative solutions that relate the gravitational energy between a proton and an electron applied over the standing wavelength of the electromagnetic orbital frequency to the upper limit of the rest mass of the photon. Under optimal conditions one manifestation of gravitational-electromagnetic convergence may occur within molecular structures at concentrations of approximately a femtomole.

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ISSN: 2153-8212