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Demonstration of Entanglement of “Pure” Photon Emissions at Two Locations That Share Specific Configurations of Magnetic Fields: Implications for Translocation of Consciousness

Blake T. Dotta, Stanley A. Koren, Michael A. Persinger


The experimental demonstration of non-locality for photon emissions has become relevant because biophotons are coupled to conscious activity and cognition. The experimental condition that produces doubling of photon emissions from two loci during simultaneous chemical reactions when exposed to a sequence of circular rotating magnetic fields with differential phase and group angular velocities was applied to photons from LEDs (light-emitting diodes).  A significant but weaker enhancement of photon emissions as measured by photomultiplier tubes occurred when the two LEDs were activated simultaneously within two loci separated by several meters. The effect suggests that under optimal conditions photons emitted from two, magnetic field congruent, loci become macroscopically entangled and that the two loci display properties of a single space. Implications for the transposition of consciousness over large distances are considered.

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ISSN: 2153-8212