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A Metaphysical Concept of Consciousness

Wilhelmus de Wilde


Our five senses ask for the reference of reference, which cannot be found in our causal material reality. We all have a subjective reality that is presented as a simultaneity sphere around our consciousness. Consciousness not being a material entity with length or volume can be treated as a singularity. The cutting circles of the different spheres around the percipients form a foam (origin of decoherence) of objective mutual reality (history). Our Reductionist Causal Deterministic Universe (RCDU) is limited by the Planck Wall. Before that causality doesn’t exist, we call this “dimension” Total Simultaneity (TS). The causal time-line (β-time) consists of entangled Alpha–probabilities (α-P’s). Each “observer” is the origin of his own causal time lines. Free will makes the choice out of infinity of α-P’s in TS. Subjective individual time travel can happen without being conscious of the process (until now). We explain the double-slit experiment, the spooky action at a distance, the Many World Interpretation, Entropy, Time travel and free will. We indicate that the reductionist way of interpretation is only valid for a limited part of our reality and may not lead to the “truth” finding of the whole. The emergent way of approach may be more effective and create an understandable “being” of WHAT IS. (Parmenides, Greek Eleatic School of Philosophy, 515 BC).

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