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An Ongoing Model of Reality

Alan J Oliver


The distinction between the physical reality and Prespacetime has been called the virtual state in some papers. For the sake of consistency I will use the latter term. In the virtual state the five elements would exist, as Bohm and others have suggested, as information in potential. It is interesting that the ancient teachers of Yoga described the finest particle as being a point without mass, adding that where a conjunction of these points occurs, a point with mass can appear. One could say their observation is analogous to a scientist’s description of the particles which pop in and out of empty space. What I draw from this is that every real particle of matter has its virtual potential in the virtual state. What is less obvious is the likelihood that this potential exists outside of the dimension we call time. Moving our focus to the point of the Big Bang, a moment in which there is an absence of matter, such as the state of a singularity or the Big Crunch, there would be a potential corresponding to that state, capable of triggering the appearance of the precursor to the formation of hydrogen, resulting in a new state which involved space and time in the physical sense. Thus the evolution of reality unfolded.

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